It has been 20 months since the tragedy that a Ph.D. candidate Huixiang Chen from the University of Florida committed suicide, accusing his advisor Dr. Tao Li coerce him into academic misconduct. Our latest article dropped a bump into the academic world by exposing the evidence of those academic misconduct. The Nature Index followed up with an in-depth report with comments from scientists and academic organizations worldwide expressing their shock and deep concerns about this scandal that happened at the University of Florida.

At Early February of 2021, the ACM and IEEE Joint Investigative Committee finally finished the investigation of…

After the tragedy that a Ph. D. candidate Huixiang Chen committed suicide in the University of Florida with a death note claiming that he refused to continue commit acts of academic dishonesty and accused his advisor Dr. Tao Li, IEEE TCCA and ACM SIGARCH launched an investigation into the alleged reviewing irregularities surrounding the event. We appreciate all the efforts behind this investigation but some evidence from Huixiang Chen’s personal laptop put doubts on the result of the investigation.

As the investigation result claims:

“The committee evaluated whether the paper in question was reviewed according to the established conference guidelines…

Insiders start getting emails and messages from Dr. Tao Li and his agents threatening that if they continue spreading information, Tao Li will start legal process together with University of Florida.

We are calling protection for those brave people.

On June 13, 2019, just before the ISCA 2019 conference in Phoenix, a doctoral candidate, whose paper was supposed to be published at this conference, hanged himself in the campus building of the University of Florida.

As more and more information comes out, we find that there should be a lot of hidden stories behind his suicide. The most important one may be related to his struggle against academic misconduct.

A suicide note was sent to his friends, lab colleges, and especially his mentor Doctor Tao Li, a tenured professor (with preeminence professorship) in the Department of Electrical and Computer…

Huixiang Voice

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